For All Your Water Well Needs


Warthman Drilling in Lancaster, OH specializes in chlorinating well water. For over 50 years, we’ve purified and disinfected well water for customers throughout Fairfield County and the surrounding area. Our well water experts will make sure your water supply is clean and safe for drinking, cleaning and other purposes.

If your well water is consistently testing positive for bacteria, it’s time to chlorinate it. This bacteria can pose numerous health risks, so it’s important to disinfect the water as soon as possible to prevent further issues down the road.

You should also consider chlorinating your well water if…

  • You notice a strange color, odor or taste in the water
  • Your well has recently been built or repaired
  • Your water supply has been contaminated by flood waters
  • You’re planning on abandoning the well

Your health and safety are our highest priorities, which is why we’re committed to providing thorough and dependable service when it comes to chlorinating well water. Our chlorination services are personalized for each well system, so you can rest assured your water supply will get the treatment it needs. We use high-quality bleach and chlorine for all purification jobs in order to kill as much harmful bacteria as possible.

To schedule well water chlorination, call (740) 746-9950.