For All Your Water Well Needs


Warthman Drilling in Lancaster, OH provides professional well cleaning services to customers throughout Fairfield County and the surrounding area. For over 50 years, we’ve cleaned wells on countless numbers of residential, commercial and agricultural properties.

It’s not enough to just disinfect the water in your well; the entire system itself should also be cleaned periodically. If you don’t properly clean your well system, it can result in bacterial contamination, encrustation and structural damage to the well. But cleaning a well can be labor intensive, which is why you should hire the professionals at Warthman Drilling to properly clean your well system.

If you notice these signs in your well water, schedule a cleaning:

  • Cloudy, dirty well water or foreign material in the water
  • Strange-tasting or smelling well water
  • Decrease in well capacity and water pressure

When you count on Warthman Drilling, our team will test your well water for possible contamination so we can be sure your well needs to be cleaned. We use a variety of techniques, including pressurized air and chlorination, to thoroughly clean your well water and well system. We don’t cut corners when it comes to well cleaning, so you can rest assured that your well system will be clean and free of contaminants with Warthman Drilling.

To schedule cleaning for your well, call (740) 746-9950.